Hey Friends,

I have a huge favor to ask….as you know almost a year ago I took a big step of faith and left my career at Allstate Insurance as a property claims adjuster and was offered the position of Executor Director at the Foundations for Recovery. The Foundations for Recovery is a non-profit faith based approach at addiction recovery. When we state “faith based” it only means that we have an opportunity to share with our clients the Love of God when the conversation presents itself during our one on one coaching. We have many walks of life that have come through our doors with many different concepts of faith; does this mean we turn them away? Absolutely not! When a young person decides to seek our assistance in one on one peer mentoring coaching it means we are there to support their efforts in sobriety. We assist them in setting goals to remove barriers (such as housing, clothing, food, employment) along with physical and spiritual development. Our “recovery coaches” who are “experientially qualified” offer personal assistance with our clients and provide them the accountability that they need. In the past year since opening our doors in January 2012 we have seen over 150 clients many who have been beaten, battered and bruised by the pains of addictions come to seek are help.
This is where my friends and family are needed. This coming month (March) we are endeavoring to launch a giving campaign to help raise the necessary funds needed to move to a larger office. The Foundations for Recovery is only supported through local monthly donors, business’s and churches who give to our efforts. I know many of you have personal charities that you are involved in so I only ask that you consider in making a pledge of prayer for us, and, if you do feel that you can give then please consider in becoming a monthly donor as I would more than welcome your gift.
The Bible says in Galatians 6:1 “Brothers, if someone be overtaken in a fault, you who are spiritual, restore them in the spirit of meekness and love……”
I wish you could experience what I see on a daily basis, not just the pains of addiction but most of all the joy when one of our clients reaches that turning point in their life. When they receive a 30, 60 or even 90 day recovery coin showing their success, when families are reunited with their children and when our clients obtain that new job.
Why have we been a success this past year? Simply, because our certified “lifestyle consultants” or recovery coaches love them until they can begin to love themselves. We give hope to the hopeless without judgment or ridicule. We show them the Love of God.

I would like to introduce a new segment on our website entitled

“Have you seen a Miracle?

Be blessed my friends and as always be a blessing to others.

Doug Gould
Executive Director