My name is James and I struggle from chronic back pain and joint pain throughout my entire body from an accident that I had back in 2000 and after many attempts of back surgeries I had no success with pain relief, that's where my struggles came from with opients. I was always trying to find a big enough bandaid (which never existed) for all my hurts for the constant pain and hurt which over took my life.
With the help of GOD, Celebrate Recovery and Foundations For Recovery I have found a new light at the end of my tunnel and that is walking the path with Jesus Christ.  I owe my life to God and also My brother in Christ, my best friend, my sponsor Steve Hale who is now with the Lord.  Steve (Founder of FFR) never once gave up on me, he showed me unconditional love and pushed me to a level of no return that i never thought was possible and even existed. There is hope, believe in yourself and let God show you the right path.  If I was given the chance, so will you.  God is waiting for you.