Our Executive Director

Doug GouldPastor Doug Gould was born and raised in Oregon and is a true native of ‘God’s Country’.  He graduated from Medford Senior High school in 1978 and went on to discover his passion for serving God and for over 30 years of his life he has served in the ministry in Oregon, Iowa, Ohio and California.  It has provided me with experience in a wide range of duties that include: children’s ministries and development, Junior and Senior High School outreach programs, community organizing, evangelism, summer camp administration and adult counseling.

Some of my prior employment was as a Property Claims Fire Investigator with Allstate Insurance Company in Medford, Oregon. As well as this position, I have also volunteered my time in ministerial services as Minister of Recovery Pastor and Director of Church Bus Evangelism at Central Point Assembly of God in Central Point, Oregon.  I am still serving in these capacities.

While ministering in this capacity Doug found himself battling Alcoholism. This was a constant struggle from 1995 up to 2009.  For 14 years I tried to keep this addiction a secret, not only from my immediate family, but also from those in my church family, to whom I was attempting to minister.  The struggle of wanting to quit and yet the continual shame of relapse directed me to Celebrate Recovery, a 12 step Bible based program.  Though similar in content to AA & NA, this had an added perspective that not only focused on deliverance from chemical dependency but also showed a way to overcome the hurts, hang-ups and habits in a person life; those things that can drive us to addiction.  I found my freedom in Celebrate Recovery.  It is my own desire to take this freedom to others so that they too can experience a new hope. To clear away the damaged, tattered, bruised and battered debris of one’s life to reveal and fully expose a Foundation that can be used again. It is my vision and desire that if given an opportunity to clear away the wreckage of one’s life, then that life through God can be, once again, rebuilt.

When Foundations for Recovery was established in May of 2011, I knew the founder, Steve Hale, well, as his sister had married my brother several years previously.  I watched the evolution of FFR, from a desire, to a thought and finally to fruition. But I watched from a distance, not sure if this was an area I wanted to become involved in.  Foundations for Recovery offers a unique ‘one-on-one coaching program to assist in addiction recovery, as well as helping to remove barriers to recovery, such as lack of housing and employment.  Ultimately, my desire to help others in recovery led to becoming a Certified Recovery Coach through the Connecticut Center on Addiction Recovery.  When my friend and founder unexpectedly died this spring, it became my great honor to accept the position of Executive Director of the Foundation.  My goal is to continue to bring FFR to the forefront of addiction treatment and recovery in Oregon and ultimately to open the first faith-based detoxification center in Medford.

It is my unique approach through humor, music and speaking that allow me to connect with others that suffer from Drug and Alcohol Addiction. My ability to use daily life situations of my own addiction and secrets and relate them in a humorist format allows me not only to understand the heart and mind of the addict, but also to communicate to them that they are not alone.  I have been where they are, and I have overcome.