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“The most important time in prayer is the 15 minutes after you say ‘Amen.’” George Mueller
Dear Friends,
These past few months seem to have gone so quickly especially with the holidays, spending time with family and yes of course college bowl games.   However, it was also a very busy time at the Foundations for Recovery. It seems this time of year can be very difficult for those trying to overcome the grip of drug and alcohol abuse.
I ran across the above statement the other day and thought about it for the entire week.  I wondered, what would cause an individual to make a statement like this.  I discovered that this quote was from George Mueller (1805-1896) a Christian Evangelist and the Director of Ashley Downs which was an orphanage in England.  Although he established over 117 schools and brought education to over 120,000 children it was his past that I found interesting.
His early life was not marked by righteousness, in fact the contrary.  He was a liar, thief, gambler and yes.......drinker.  By the age of 14 he continue to steal money even from his father's business.  What changed in his life?  He met a friend that could understand his lifestyle and saw that George needed direction.  So, after attending a meeting he saw his friend praying and thought he would try it.
Throughout his journey he helped so many find new direction for their lives.  He also found the secret of prayer was to stop talking, pause and listen.  I wonder what George Mueller's life would have become if he did not have a friend that understood his lifestyle.  A friend that provided hope, encouragement and direction without judgement or ridicule.  It is this relationship we offer from our recovery coaches to the client that seems to provide the direction those seeking recovery need.

We need your support but most importantly we need your prayer so hopefully we can give direction to the next George Mueller that walks through our doors.


Doug Gould, Executive Director - 541-245-HOPE (4673)

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