*Our client Kevin will be celebrating 14 months of sobriety over Heroin, Meth and Prescription Drugs and (as he puts it) whatever else I could find.  He has landed a new job three months ago and I personally heard from his employer who stated; "Thank you for sending us Kevin, he has truly been an asset to our company".   He continues to attend meetings and working his program of recovery.  Congratulations Kevin!!!!

*Our client Lloyd just celebrated 9 months in recovery and now is seeking the Foundations for Recovery assistance with marital counseling.   He stated that he remembers the first time he walked through the doors of the Foundation only to find as he describes “a peace that has been missing in his life”.   He continues to attend Celebrate Recovery meeting and is considering becoming a leader.  Congratulations Lloyd!!!!

*Our client Theresa just celebrated 7 months sobriety from the from the use of prescription drugs.  As Theresa noted when she finally exposed the truth to her family of over 30 years of drug abuse the response to her was what I have heard before “Call Foundations for Recovery”.   When Theresa arrived she was scared not knowing what to expect, however, her personal recovery coach Tiffany put her at ease and now she is attending Celebrate Recovery meetings as well as working her 12 step program.  Congratulations Theresa!!!!

But like Kevin, Lloyd and Theresa there are literally thousands more in the Rogue Valley and surround communities that need our help.  Please continue to pray for the Foundations for Recovery and if you can, partner with us and become a monthly pledge donor.

*Names changed to protect anonymity of the participant