What We Do

We know just how difficult it is for a client to make the choice in obtaining freedom over the daily struggle of addiction. We also know the fear that comes with that struggle. The fear that speaks, “How can I live without it?” echoes in the minds of those in recovery. Foundations for Recovery offer such support that our recoveries do not have to feel that they are alone. As we journey with them through recovery they soon learn they can be the person they were meant to be, the parents that their children need them to be and a friend that the community wants them to be.

In all honesty it breaks my heart to see the pain that addiction has caused, but we have a choice, we can look upon it as a burden or a vision. At the Foundation, we see the vision. A vision that continually challenges us to bring a life that has been battered, beaten and bruised by addiction into a life of hope and meaning. A life transformed through the tenacity that is offered through a recovery coach committed to bringing hope.

We all know of someone who has been affected through the abuse of drugs or alcohol, and can easily produce attitudes of “they will never change”. We have seen firsthand the “revolving door cycle” of success to relapse. But whatever that challenge or condition may be in a person life, we at the Foundation will seek to continue offering a second chance.

The message is ‘Freedom” and in all reality “Relapse Doesn’t Have to Happen”.