Join us for our First Annual Drive Out Drugs Recovery Fair

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Help Us Bring Hope And Freedom To Our Community

Dear Friends of the Foundation.

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I wanted to take this time to let you know that some exciting events are being planned through the services provided by the Foundations for Recovery as you can tell by the attached festival flyer.

The Foundations for Recovery was originally incorporate in May of 2011 as a 501 3 (c) non-profit agency that provides peer support services through the unique approach of personalized one on one recovery coaching. We are primarily funded through community support such as businesses, churches and people like you within Jackson County.

The Foundations for Recovery has received a small grant funding through Crater High School to hold a festival type fair to bring to our community a "positive face on recovery". This fair that will include music, food and other vendors in the recovery community will be the catalyst that promotes a new division within FFR. That new program consist of now offering peer mentoring recovery coaching to the youth (ages 11-17) of our community. But we need your help. Will you first and foremost take the time and keep us in prayer, secondly if you feel led to make a one time donation for the event or become a sponsor or perhaps become a monthly donor I know that your gift will be extended to so many.

Thanks again for allowing me this opportunity in taking the message of Hope to those who are seeking freedom from addiction. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at the offices of FFR at 541-245-HOPE (4673)

Thank you,

Doug Gould (Executive Director)

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Foundations for Recovery – Fred Meyer Community Rewards

Fred Meyer Community Rewards

Hey Friends, Do you want an easier way to support the Foundations for Recovery?  Well our good friends at Fred Meyer have recognized FFR’s commitment to the community of changing lives through peer mentoring recovery coaching.  This means every time you shop at Fred Meyer we at FFR will be rewarded.  Simply follow the instructions below and link up your card with us today!

1)   2) sign in (if you do not have an account, set one up  3) once you have signed in click on "community rewards"
4) click on "link rewards card now"  5) in the drop down box--insert our FFR # 94650  6) hit enter---then begin to shop for all your personal needs....

On behalf of all our volunteers and the lives we are touching....Thank You!

Doug Gould - Executive Director rewards


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So many different walks of life……In American every 60 minutes 5 people die from drug related overdose!

faces of changeDear Friends,

When you or a family member is suffering from addiction, where do you turn? If you’re like most in our community we sometimes do not have an answer but simply attempt to inform the individual to seek treatment. But what type of treatment? If you are like some in our community lately you will refer them to the Foundations for Recovery. Why?

Because you know you will receive the absolute best possible care and concern from one of your 27 volunteer recovery coaches. And you also know that you’ll be treated like a real person, by dedicated, compassionate professionals in a warm and caring environment, without the ridicule or shame that sometimes coincides with addiction.

This past year your contributions have helped make Foundations for Recovery the leading regional drug & alcohol prevention agency that it is. We are so grateful to you for supporting our committed team of peer mentors.

Thanks to you, our recovery coaches have touched the lives of hundreds in our community this past two years since opening our doors in November of 2011. Whether faced with an urgent need such as recovery, housing, clothing, employment or food, your donation has helped us to reach out in so many ways. The Foundations for Recovery is your recovery organization and we serve you and your loved ones-to provide hope, healing and recovery.

In this uncertain economic time, the Foundation counts on your support-now more than ever. Your gift is extremely important to the Foundations for Recovery because it provides resources that make an immediate impact that will help us through these interesting and tough times.

Your gift of $ 25, $ 50, $100, $ 200 or $ 1000 can make all the difference….to our clients, our counselors, our recovery coaches, our material needs and to everyone here who works to serve you.

As addiction advances and spreads through our community, the Foundations for Recovery is committed to staying on the cutting edge-for you, for your loved ones, for every person in our community. Please help to make this possible with your contribution. Your donation will make a world of difference. I promise you.

Thank you so much for your help.


Douglas Gould-Executive Director

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25 with $ 25 Giving Campaign


25 donors

The Foundations for Recovery in order to continue to provide the best in drug & alcohol peer mentoring one on one recovery coaching MUST MOVE TO A LARGER OFFICE! Here's how you can HELP! In the next 4 weeks I am calling on all my friends, family and those in the faith community to join with us by becoming a 25 with $ 25 monthly donor. Just think about this for a moment....(that's .83 cents a day) to help sponsor a life that has been beaten, battered and bruised by addiction so that they can obtain a personal recovery coach. If you need more information about the Foundations for Recovery we have seat available at our next "Shining the Light" Dinner which will be this Thursday at 6:00 p.m. at Sunrise Cafe. PLEASE visit our website and make your online recurring monthly pledge TODAY at or by calling us at 541-245-4673 (HOPE). Thanks again for being a friend of the Foundation and together we can be a part of this great cause of transforming a life here in Jackson County.


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Oregon leads nation in prescription drug abuse
Posted on January 25, 2013 by Erin Marie Daly

The latest National Survey on Drug Use and Health has found that Oregon leads the nation in abuse of prescription drugs. According to the survey, 6.37% of Oregonians 12 years and older used painkillers for a non-medical purpose in the past year. The lowest rate was found in Iowa, where 3.6% of residents were reported to have abused painkillers.

Of the ten states with the highest rates of past year non-medical use of prescription pain relievers in 2010 and 2011, seven were in the West; of the ten states with the lowest rates, four were in the Midwest, and four were in the South, the report found.

Nationally, the abuse rate of prescription painkillers was 4.6%.

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April 18th “Shining the Light Dinner”

April 2013 STLD


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New March STLD FFR

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Property Claims Adjuster to Adjusting Lives


Hey Friends,

I have a huge favor to you know almost a year ago I took a big step of faith and left my career at Allstate Insurance as a property claims adjuster and was offered the position of Executor Director at the Foundations for Recovery. The Foundations for Recovery is a non-profit faith based approach at addiction recovery. When we state "faith based" it only means that we have an opportunity to share with our clients the Love of God when the conversation presents itself during our one on one coaching. We have many walks of life that have come through our doors with many different concepts of faith; does this mean we turn them away? Absolutely not! When a young person decides to seek our assistance in one on one peer mentoring coaching it means we are there to support their efforts in sobriety. We assist them in setting goals to remove barriers (such as housing, clothing, food, employment) along with physical and spiritual development. Our “recovery coaches” who are “experientially qualified” offer personal assistance with our clients and provide them the accountability that they need. In the past year since opening our doors in January 2012 we have seen over 150 clients many who have been beaten, battered and bruised by the pains of addictions come to seek are help.
This is where my friends and family are needed. This coming month (March) we are endeavoring to launch a giving campaign to help raise the necessary funds needed to move to a larger office. The Foundations for Recovery is only supported through local monthly donors, business’s and churches who give to our efforts. I know many of you have personal charities that you are involved in so I only ask that you consider in making a pledge of prayer for us, and, if you do feel that you can give then please consider in becoming a monthly donor as I would more than welcome your gift.
The Bible says in Galatians 6:1 “Brothers, if someone be overtaken in a fault, you who are spiritual, restore them in the spirit of meekness and love……”
I wish you could experience what I see on a daily basis, not just the pains of addiction but most of all the joy when one of our clients reaches that turning point in their life. When they receive a 30, 60 or even 90 day recovery coin showing their success, when families are reunited with their children and when our clients obtain that new job.
Why have we been a success this past year? Simply, because our certified “lifestyle consultants” or recovery coaches love them until they can begin to love themselves. We give hope to the hopeless without judgment or ridicule. We show them the Love of God.

I would like to introduce a new segment on our website entitled

"Have you seen a Miracle?

Be blessed my friends and as always be a blessing to others.

Doug Gould
Executive Director


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Nick's Comment JPEGDear Friends,

The other day while sitting in my office after visiting with a friend of mine to discuss some personal changes he wanted to make in his life, one of our Recovery Coaches here at the Foundations for Recovery made the most interesting comment, "If you see a change that needs to be changed and don't take the necessary steps to change it that's not really changing". I must admit I was not practicing my active listening skills by making direct eye contact with him but as soon as I heard this I immediately lifted up my head from staring at the computer and asked him to repeat what he said. Much to my surprise he actually remembered it and for that brief moment a pride came over me but then humility. The reason for the pride was that I know this young man's past and the compulsive addictive behavior that had been in his life for years. How his life of drugs and alcohol caused so many others around him (including family) to change. His behavior caused those who loved him the most to distance themselves so that he could try to find his steps on his own.

Since taking over the position of Executive Director of the Foundations for Recovery after the passing of my dear friend and founder Steve Hale, I have seen and felt first-hand the pain, worry, anxiety, fear, depression, anger, tears and love not always from those seeking treatment from their addictive behavior, but rather from the loves ones of the addict or alcoholic that have had to experience it with them.

Webster's Dictionary defines "Change" as follows:

Change - verb \'chanj\ "to make radically different"

It is now going on 8 months in recovery for the young man that made this statement to me and I am thrilled that today he remains clean and sober. What has brought Nick to this place in Recovery? If you asked him he may give you the same answer I will tell you.....a "radical" step. That means old things (behavior, friends, places, attitudes, dress, speech, etc.) must pass away and a new radical step on the road of recovery must start.

So if you read this today and find yourself experiencing one of the emotions I wrote about then allow me to ask you this question. What needs to be changed? Do you have someone you know that is in the grip of their addiction? Do you find yourself wanting to help only to see no change in that person? Are you yourself struggling with addiction and wanting to stop but fearful you can't? Then take the first step and come speak to one of our certified highly trained recovery coaches at the Foundations for Recovery.

As I noted earlier pride filled my heart when I heard Nick shared this thought with me but then humility in my own recovery came to me. Why? Because I have found that these two emotions either prevent us from seeking assistance over our addiction or become the reason we take that radical step to change. For you see it is PRIDE that keeps the addict or alcoholic from asking for help, but it is HUMILITY that brings them to the desire to change. This is the "radical step" we must start with on our new road to recovery

Be blessed my friends and as always be a blessing to others


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